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Terms of Use

Welcome to holylandviews.com! Our services and products are provided subject to the following terms and conditions. By using the website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully, as they contain important provisions relating to your use of the site, including an agreement to engage in binding arbitration to resolve any disputes between us. The website is owned and operated by Manof Ltd.. (“holylandviews.com”).


The following terms of use (hereinafter “terms of use”) constitute an agreement by the user to the website terms of use.

Manof Placement and Project management Ltd. (hereinafter: the” company “), company registry code 515271971, residing at 53 Yigal Alon Street, Tel Aviv. The company is offering an online store to purchase works of art. The purchase site is managed and operated by the company.

Registration procedure:

The registration is according to the customer’s wishes and decision to become a user of the site holylandviews.com. The process of registration will qualify as confirmation that the user carefully read these terms and agrees to them, and that he would not argue against them.
For the purpose of registration you will be required to submit personal information such as your full name, social security number, mobile number and e-mail address.

After the completion of the order request, the company shall conduct a thorough check of the credit card with the credit company, afterwards the user will receive a confirmation that the action and the process of payment were completed.

It is clarified that the transaction confirmation by the credit card company constitutes as a prerequisite to the completion of the payment for the company’s products and services.

It is the user’s responsibility to save any personal data such as username and passwords. All to insure that there will not be misuse from any kind by another person.
The user declares that any information given/updated by him/her is 100% real and accurate.
The user declares that any information given/updated by him/her is individual and representative of only himself and no other third party.

The responsibility of the user to verify the change in the work.

Finally the service order on the site you will be asked to provide your credit card number to make a charge for a service on behalf of the company. Credit card data are secured by the company and in cooperation with the credit card company.


After the service, the company performed an examination of credit card details against the credit card company, then the user receives confirmation that the operation has been approved and the payment process is completed.

It is clarified that approval of the transaction by the credit card company is a prerequisite to payment for services.

Users are responsible for maintaining the identification data (user name, password) in order to ensure that no use will be made of any kind by anyone else.

The user represent and warrant that any information and/or update notice is correct, reliable and accurate and that the information in the name and for himself and not on behalf of any third party and/or.

In case you are a minor (under 18 years old) or you are not entitled to perform any legal actions without the permission of a guardian, the use of the website will be considered as is permission was granted for your website use.

The user shall have a valid international credit card which he is the owner.

It is hereby clarified that all payment will be done on site by the computerized system activated by the company. It is agreed that the company records and the site data will be crucial evidence because of a disagreement between the company and the user.

On-site products

• The site offers its users the purchase of products and/or services surrounding art and print. All of the art pieces displayed have diff. models, types and quantities depending on the sole discretion of the company. It is hereby clarified that the company may at any time, at its sole discretion, add and/or subtract products and/or services offered for sale on the site and determine the catalogs and price, including shipping.

• For any product or service offered for sale on the site, there is an explanation that includes the product description, price, warranty information and delivery, payment terms and other relevant information (hereinafter: “the sale” page). All prices and amounts shown in the sale include VAT in accordance with law, if applied by a payment on the transaction under any law.

• Most of the items offered for sale on the site are accompanied by images that are intended for illustration purposes only. In the event of discrepancy or difference between the picture and the verbal description, the verbal description shall count as the most accurate one out of the two.

• The products offered on the website are held in stock by the company, ordering and the delivery of products on the site are subject to product inventory being offered for sale – especially for the limited edition products. However, it shall be clarified that the company is doing the best of its ability to ensure that the products displayed for sale on the site are in stock simultaneously as the products are offered for sale to the date of the supply. From the moment of the client placing the purchase order and through the duration of the credit certifications, the Company will reserve customer’s chosen product against the order, so that it is available and ready for delivery to the customer at the appointed time of the sale. However, if for reasons which are not under the control of the company, the product purchased on the site was not in stock at the time of reservation or was found lacking from stock after purchase, the company will notify the client and he shall be notified via e-mail or by phone. In this case, the company shall be entitled to offer the customer an alternative product of equal value (at the very least) to the product ordered, or to cancel the purchase at its sole discretion. If the client accepts the offer, booking details will be updated again. In the case the client does not want the replacement product, he is entitled to refuse receiving it and in this case the reservation will be cancelled. The company will avoid charging his credit card or refund the amount paid for the product. The customer and/or the winner will have any claim and/or demand, of any kind, against the company under circumstances of lack of sufficient inventory as mentioned above, including the claim about the obligation of the company to supply the product and/or the service, including any demand for compensation for damages due to the purchase of the product at higher price etc.

• The purchase within the site includes products at a fixed price, with predetermined stock, in which the user chooses a product (see the sales page before making the purchase) and follow the instructions on the site.

Supply, transport and shipping

• The supply of products or services purchased on the site and for which the return is paid in full with a credit card issued by the company and/or by carrier shall be done by its behalf. The company will supply the product purchased by a company to the address the user typed at the time of the booking. The site shall act to provide the products or services in accordance with the terms shown on the sale page of the site, unless otherwise stated on the site and as described below.

• The supply of goods or services, on the conditions and in the length of time listed on the sale page will be conducted by the delivery company and the responsibility shall be on the delivery company. The delivery shall happen based on the Israeli working days counted from the date of the transaction based on the credit card the customer provided (“working days” – Sundays to Thursdays, not including Fridays, Saturday, holidays and holiday evenings).

• The company will supply the products to the customer up to 27 days from the date of purchase. If the painting is not in inventory, the product shall be supplied in about 45 days. The Company commits to extend its best efforts to deliver the goods as soon as possible.

• The terms and conditions of the delivery company through which the site performs the transportation and delivery of products or services, shall apply to all deliveries/shipments of all product through the site, which shall be in effect to all users.

• For reasons of delay due to unforeseen circumstances such as strikes, fire, flood, war, etc., the company shall inform the client of a delay in delivery and let him choose between waiting for the product, an alternative product or cancel the transaction and a refund of the amount paid.

• The company shall not be liable for any delayed/missing delivery caused by unforeseen circumstances and/or events that are not in the company’s control including strikes etc. 

• In case of a delay in delivery which becomes known to the company, the company will make its best efforts to inform the customer in advance of the expected delay. The channel of informing shall be in accordance with the contact details provided by the customer at the time of the purchase. In the case of delay in delivery of a product to a customer, the customer shall be entitled to cancel the transaction in the frames of the appointed time and circumstances specified by law.

• Without contradicting the above, in any case in which due to an act or omission by the company which resulted in delays, failure to deliver the product/services or any personal damage, the company shall be liable. The worth of the compensation amount shall not exceed the price of the product or services purchased by the customer.

• The company is not responsible for any assembling and/or installation of products purchased on the site, and unless expressly stated otherwise such responsibility shall apply on the customer and on his expense.

• Shipping charges listed on the website do not include irregular transportation. Irregular transport means transport that requires special measures. In cases of irregular freight, the company may charge additional fee in addition to the regular transfer. Such charges shall be in accordance to the specified requirements and/or a written summary between the company and the customer.

• In the frames of the delivery period, upon a notification receipt of the product arrival to the customer (hereinafter “delivery”), the customer has the sole responsibility of collecting the product from the place of delivery. Provided the product arrived within the correct delivery period to the place of supply, and the customer did not pick it up properly in time, there should be no complains or claims by the client and/or anyone acting on his behalf in regards to damages.

• Shipping charges can be processed separately or together with the product fee charged. 

• If the company is not able to provide or find a solution to deliver the products to the customer, within its means and according to the usual procedures, the company may cancel the transaction at any time until product delivery to the customer. In case The transaction was canceled, as stated above, the company must refund the client who paid (if paid) and/or cancel his credit card charge, the customer will not be entitled to any compensation for the deal canceling.

• While doing the product delivery, the company and/or anyone acting on its behalf, may require the presentation of the credit card holder identification as a condition for delivering the product.

Product and services warranty

The company is the manufacturer of the products you are purchasing on the site.

Features, models, design, colors or appearance of the products described or displayed on the site, including any images or products presented in this site are for illustrative purposes only, unless specifically stated otherwise. Note that the pictures displayed on the website are for illustration purposes only and 15% of variance may apply.

Transaction canceling and returning products

• The user may cancel the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the consumer protection law 1981 and regulations, as updated from time to time (hereinafter: “consumer protection law”). In case of contradiction between the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, and the instructions provided in these bylaws, the consumer protection provisions shall prevail.

• You can cancel the transaction in the manner described below, by written notice to the company by e-mail to manofvent@gmail.com

•In Purchase of a product – 48 hours from the date of the transaction and/or 14 days from receipt of product.

• The purchased product shall be returned in the original package without being opened, without any dirt or blemish, and with the original receipt. Any termination notice from the client should indicate order number, full name and social security number.

• In case of transaction cancellation, the company shall refund within 21 days from the delivery of the notice, the same part of the transaction price paid, cancel the transaction and will not charge any amount from the client, excluding handling fee of 5% of the transaction value or 100 NIS, whichever is lower. In addition, the customer will be charged for dual shipping costs and the amount should be according to the shipping cost to customer’s area of residence.


Transaction cancel by the company: in each of the cases listed below, the company will be entitled to cancel the order and/or connection to the customer by sending a message to the client:

• In a case there shall be an honest mistake with part of the data on the sale page.

• In cases where the customer details are incorrect and/or inaccurate and/or insufficient.

• In case the company finds out that a miscommunication and/or other technical problem happened that prevented users from being able to participate in the sale properly.

• In case of unforeseen circumstances, acts of war, hostility or terrorism that prohibit further sale, execution or attending the purchase process properly.

• If it turns out that the transaction and/or purchase was part of an illegal activity of the client and/or any third party.

• If the company finds out that the customer is likely to sell the product or service he bought to third party and/or trade.

• The cancellation notice shall be send to the client by phone and/or email address he specifies upon registration. In that case, the order will be cancelled and the company will avoid charging the credit card (if the credit card was not charged at the time of the cancellation message) or refund the customer with any amount paid for the product. Except for the return sum of the transaction, there should not be any complaints from the customer. Any claim and/or demand of damages of any kind to the company for cancellation of the transaction as specified in this section should be voided. 

Rates and discounts:

It is the responsibility of the company to determine the rates and promotions of the products displayed on the site.

The Company commits to product rates which will be decided according to the sole discretion of the company.

It is hereby clarified that the company may update, change the rates and change the specials according to the sole discretion of the company.

It is the responsibility of the user to be updated by current prices and rates listed on this website.


Company Responsibility:

The company will specify the terms of service and its rates on the website at its sole discretion and at the company’s other online platforms.

Any additional services or products by an external service provider such as promotions and/or discounts, special products etc, the company shall not be responsible for the level of service, quality of service, service integrity and other matter in connection with the service itself, which is not related to the company’s own service only. By contacting the service provider, the user voids any claim and/or discontent for the service provided.

In case the user paid for services, but with the arrival of the product the user is unable to use the product for any reason reasons described in these bylaws, the user will be refunded.

The company will be responsible solely for financial damages caused to the user due to negligence and/or due to breach of obligations according to these terms of use.

This responsibility of the company is limited to the amount the costumer was charged, and with the addition of up to 10% of the amount he paid – as compensation according to the company’s discretion and reasons.

The company has the right to terminate/block a user from continuing using the services at its sole discretion and, informing the client 7 business days in advance.

The company will be entitled to charge fees for running the company’s basic services and additional services through any platform. The company can do by publish the amount of Commission on the site and/or one of the company’s platforms.

Commission stated to be subject to the decision of the company and will be updated periodically based on the sole discretion of the company, joining the company’s rates of basic services or other services provided on the site depending on the company.

Inquires about charges:

If user asks to get information on any charges which was charged with his account, the user must contact the company as soon as possible and give his details: name, ID number and last four digits of the credit card used for payment.

If there is a dispute from the users part for any past billing for his account, the user shall pass his written request to the company with grounds and arguments to his appeal until 10 business days and no later than 30 days after the charge became available to him.

If The Company found that user’s request is justified, the amount shall be credited to the credit card of the user within 14 business days and in accordance with article 5.3.

If the company turned down user’s request, the company shall send the user an explanation on this issue on behalf of a company to the email address given by the user in the registration process on the site.

Statement on Human Trafficking and Slavery

We are part of a global community and supply chain.   We are selective of our vendors and make efforts to ensure that the workers in this country and abroad that make up our supply chain are protected.  We will not tolerate the involvement of our suppliers in human trafficking and slavery, including sweatshops and forced or child labor.  We obtain contractual representations from our vendors of their compliance with such laws and have the discretion to, with or without notice, inquire on their practices.  


 Confidentiality and privacy:

The company may use the information provided by the user to inform the user of the products and services that may be of interest to him, including through direct mail.

The user is entitled to cancel the permission for mailings at any time, he shall replay to the repeated message and/or the contact us form on the website or through company’s direct e-mail.

Without derogating from the foregoing, the company shall maintain the confidentiality of any information that is held about the user, unless ordered to disclose this information by law.

The company will not harm the user’s privacy in accordance with the provisions of the privacy protection law 1981.

When you purchase on the site, you use the credit card information to purchase with ease and comfort. To protect this process, the company uses the credit card server company “credit guard”. Credit Guard uses high security standards for credit information for all our clients. The company meets the stringent security standards which are assigned by credit companies And works according to the pci-dss security standard.

Pci-dss is a international security standard developed following the requirement of credit card companies to adopt consistent standards for securing information. This standard primarily defines security requirements of series credit data between the cardholder and the retailer or others. it determines the General storage treatment and protects sensitive data on the card, we make our best efforts to maintain your privacy classification so it will not be revealed. The progress data is secured by encrypting all the credit card data which is in networks motion, while using and updating anti-virus software and firewalls to prevent access of malware.

The company does all it can to maintain the confidentiality of data security methods approved for civilian use online, to ensure encryption and identification of user data transferred during the registration process and/or the payment procedure.

The company’s browser is secured and encrypted, to prevent the information being transmitted or discovered to other unauthorized users. The company has its own server with constant control and supervision between the servers and the Internet.

It is clarified that the company can’t ensure that the security level will block all unauthorized entries and all the use the information when you browse the site. The company shall not be responsible in such cases there shall be detection and any information is used.

Content, articles and advertisements

 The site may display third-party content including advertisements and links to third party websites. The use of the user in these third party websites and the content it has is subject to the terms of use and/or privacy policies of those third parties. Any use of third party content, including any user login to websites of third parties by the site and/or the sites advertising, will be on user’s own risk and the user will have no claim and/or suit against the company about it, including, but without, for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from the use and/or entry stated and/or due to invasion of privacy and/or any information and/or use by third parties.


The company will be authorized to transfer and/or assign its rights and obligations at any time about the user to any third party.

No use of the company’s rights in accordance with these terms and conditions, does not indicate that the company is giving up on those rights.

The qualified Tel Aviv Court shall be exclusive jurisdiction to prosecute any case of dispute in connection with these terms of use.