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Shipping & Returns

Supply, transport and shipping

  • The supply of products or services purchased on the site and for which the return is paid in full with a credit card issued by the company and/or by carrier shall be done by its behalf. The company will supply the product purchased by a company to the address the user typed at the time of the booking. The site shall act to provide the products or services in accordance with the terms shown on the sale page of the site, unless otherwise stated on the site and as described below.
  • The supply of goods or services, on the conditions and in the length of time listed on the sale page will be conducted by the delivery company and the responsibility shall be on the delivery company. The delivery shall happen based on the Israeli working days counted from the date of the transaction based on the credit card the customer provided (“working days” – Sundays to Thursdays, not including Fridays, Saturday, holidays and holiday evenings).
  • The company will supply the products to the customer up to 27 days from the date of purchase. If the painting is not in inventory, the product shall be supplied in about 45 days. The Company commits to extend its best efforts to deliver the goods as soon as possible.
  • The terms and conditions of the delivery company through which the site performs the transportation and delivery of products or services, shall apply to all deliveries/shipments of all product through the site, which shall be in effect to all users.
  • For reasons of delay due to unforeseen circumstances such as strikes, fire, flood, war, etc., the company shall inform the client of a delay in delivery and let him choose between waiting for the product, an alternative product or cancel the transaction and a refund of the amount paid.
  • The company shall not be liable for any delayed/missing delivery caused by unforeseen circumstances and/or events that are not in the company’s control including strikes etc.
  • In case of a delay in delivery which becomes known to the company, the company will make its best efforts to inform the customer in advance of the expected delay. The channel of informing shall be in accordance with the contact details provided by the customer at the time of the purchase. In the case of delay in delivery of a product to a customer, the customer shall be entitled to cancel the transaction in the frames of the appointed time and circumstances specified by law.
  • Without contradicting the above, in any case in which due to an act or omission by the company which resulted in delays, failure to deliver the product/services or any personal damage, the company shall be liable. The worth of the compensation amount shall not exceed the price of the product or services purchased by the customer.
  • The company is not responsible for any assembling and/or installation of products purchased on the site, and unless expressly stated otherwise such responsibility shall apply on the customer and on his expense.
  • Shipping charges listed on the website do not include irregular transportation. Irregular transport means transport that requires special measures. In cases of irregular freight, the company may charge additional fee in addition to the regular transfer. Such charges shall be in accordance to the specified requirements and/or a written summary between the company and the customer.
  • In the frames of the delivery period, upon a notification receipt of the product arrival to the customer (hereinafter “delivery”), the customer has the sole responsibility of collecting the product from the place of delivery. Provided the product arrived within the correct delivery period to the place of supply, and the customer did not pick it up properly in time, there should be no complains or claims by the client and/or anyone acting on his behalf in regards to damages.
  • Shipping charges can be processed separately or together with the product fee charged.
  • If the company is not able to provide or find a solution to deliver the products to the customer, within its means and according to the usual procedures, the company may cancel the transaction at any time until product delivery to the customer. In case the transaction was canceled, as stated above, the company must refund the client who paid (if paid) and/or cancel his credit card charge, the customer will not be entitled to any compensation for the deal canceling.
  • While doing the product delivery, the company and/or anyone acting on its behalf, may require the presentation of the credit card holder identification as a condition for delivering the product.

Transaction canceling and returning products

  • The user may cancel the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the consumer protection law 1981 and regulations, as updated from time to time (hereinafter: “consumer protection law”). In case of contradiction between the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, and the instructions provided in these bylaws, the consumer protection provisions shall prevail.
  • You can cancel the transaction in the manner described below, by written notice to the company by e-mail to manofvent@gmail.com
  • In Purchase of a product – 48 hours from the date of the transaction and/or 14 days from receipt of product.
  • The purchased product shall be returned in the original package without being opened, without any dirt or blemish, and with the original receipt. Any termination notice from the client should indicate order number, full name and social security number.
  • In case of transaction cancellation, the company shall refund within 21 days from the delivery of the notice, the same part of the transaction price paid, cancel the transaction and will not charge any amount from the client, excluding handling fee of 5% of the transaction value or 100 NIS, whichever is lower. In addition, the customer will be charged for dual shipping costs and the amount should be according to the shipping cost to customer’s area of residence.