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We are welcome you to join our Affiliates progrem and become part of the Holyaland views team to spread the taste and feel of the Holyland by exclusive oil paints. Please register to the progrem and you will have your personal area at the site and all the tools and promotions materials you will need. if there are any questions feel free to write us: [affiliates_is_not_affiliate] Please log in to access the affiliate area. [affiliates_login_redirect] If you are not an affiliate, you can join the affiliate program here: [affiliates_registration] [/affiliates_is_not_affiliate] [affiliates_is_affiliate] Welcome to your affiliate area. Here you can find information about your affiliate link and earnings. Affiliate Information [affiliates_fields] Affiliate link Your affiliate URL: [affiliates_url] Use this code to embed your affiliate link: Affiliate link Tip: You should change the text Affiliate link to something more attractive. Performance Total Earnings Commissions pending payment [affiliates_referrals show="total" status="accepted"] Commissions paid [affiliates_referrals show="total" status="closed"] Number of sales referred Accepted referrals pending payment: [affiliates_referrals status="accepted"] Referrals paid: [affiliates_referrals status="closed"] Monthly Earnings [affiliates_earnings] [affiliates_logout] [/affiliates_is_affiliate]