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Who we are

We are HolyLand Views, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Our mission is to strengthen the symbolical and cultural bond between the Holy Land, the Jewish people, and evangelists around the world. Our focus is on the intersection where landscape meets faith. As in the Old Testament, man is indeed “the tree of the field” (Deut. 20:19) – a person must have spiritual, as well physical roots, both of which we aim to nurture.
HolyLand Views believes in the strong link between the history of the land of Israel, Jewish tradition, and evangelists worldwide. In our years of activity, we’ve met evangelists from all around the world and rejoiced in our shared beliefs, hopes, and aspirations.
To this aim we provide authentic, artistic oil paintings of Holy Land landscape for the discerning art lover. Each of our limited-edition paintings is an exact representation of the actual landscape. They are created based on comprehensive research and exploration of the site, and tell various, multi-layered stories of the land’s rich history. The depicted landscapes were all selected due to their theological and historical importance, and are backed by Jewish sources.
Like the strong link between Old and New Testament, we believe in the strong link – physical, cultural and spiritual – between evangelists and the land of Israel, its holy sites, and its Jewish people. We firmly believe that strengthening this connection between us can, should, and will promote a better, more meaningful future.
The Holyland Views team is constantly developing the next lines of paintings to keep a dynamic, up to date and versatile collection.

Holy Land Views